Enchanted Soul

The Green Witch Tarot

I went to visit Minni & Rose today and bought some beautiful things. The Green Witch Tarot which I was drawn to and told that many people had picked that up today, so then it had to come home with me.

The purple Lepidolite crystal brings peace, tranquility and a restful sleep. Best mood stabiliser. Carry Lepidolite to Balance the mind and spirit. Stimulates all chakras and dissolves blocks.

The black Apache Tears brings a strong connection to Mother Earth. Carry Apache Tears with you for grounding and protection. It’s ideal for keeping anger in check. Living your truth. Heals sadness. Auric cleansing.

Both crystal I need right now. And so the journey begins. I went home and set up a musical corner with didgeridoos, bongo drums and a guitar. Played with the new Green Witch Tarot cards and working on my journey to give readings to people. Wasn’t sure were to start but I have now started and continuing with one foot in front of the other, listening to my intuition and angels.

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