Protecting Your Energy

You’ve heard people say that so-and-so is “green with envy” when the person being spoken about is showing signs of jealousy. How about when you are sad and you tell others you’re feeling “a bit blue today”. Why do we use colours as idioms when talking about our emotions?

It’s because we are referring to our auric field and its corresponding colour.

It is the same when someone says “red looks good on you” when you are wearing your favourite outfit. You are attracted to some colours more than others because of the way that colour makes you feel and look. What is happening is that the colour is complementing that of your aura.

You are surrounded with energy

What is an aura? Simply, it is an energy field that surrounds all things. Everything is made up of energy, it’s a fundamental law of science and this energy is given out and received at different frequencies. So it is with us. Our bodies emit energy which is so subtle that it’s hard to detect with the eye.

But, maybe you can sense the energies of places and people. For example, have you ever entered a room and suddenly had a feeling that something is wrong? You had no proof of what had occurred before you walked in, but you could sense it.

What about people? Have you ever met someone and took an instant liking to them? It’s like you both connected on a deep level.

What you may not understand is that you are picking up on the energy.

We use terms to describe others: “He/she shines”, “He/she is dark”. Everyday we employ idioms to talk about people that have a basis on the personality of the person. And this personality is a reflection of the energy that that person is releasing or absorbing.

And you, just like everyone else and everything else, also has an energy field that can be affected by the environment and those around you. That is why you can detect the positive and negative “vibes” of people. Your energy body, that is your auric field, is being influenced and you can feel it.

You are multi-layered

You are more than simply your body. You are multi-layered, like a beautiful rainbow.

When people can see auras they will tell you that they can see blue or green or some other colour. That’s because our auras contain seven layers with each layer emitting a particular colour due to the vibrational frequency of that layer. That should come as no surprise when one considers that energy is light and light is energy and light is spread across a spectrum of colours with each hue being detected according to its frequency (light-wave).

Your aura extends from your body out to several feet around you, like a bubble. Here are the 7 layers that make up your auric field:

Layer 1: Your Etheric Body, which is the one closest to your physical body and is red. It is associated with your root chakra.

Layer 2: The Emotional Body, which is seen as orange due to it being connected with your Sacral Chakra

Layer 3: The Mental Layer is seen as yellow and is linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra

Layer 4: Your Astral Body emits a green hue and is related to your Heart Chakra.

Layer 5: The Etheric Template Body is associated with the Throat Chakra and is seen as blue.

Layer 6: The Celestial Body which is purple has a connection with the Third Eye Chakra.

Layer 7: The Etheric Body is connected with the Crown Chakra and is sensed violet.

The lower layers (Layers 1 to 3) are more connected and associated with your body and emotions, whereas the higher layers (Layers 5 to 7) are affected more by spiritual activities.

So, you can see that there is more to than meets the eye, literally!

But what happens if we let our guard down when it comes to looking after our auric field?

I feel drained

How often have you dealt with someone and then felt like you have been completely sucked out of energy. You were fine when you first entered into the situation with this person, but they have drained you of your energy.

We talk about “psychic vampires”, those people who possess the ability to siphon our energy tanks and we are in need of refueling.

Or we may have “one of those days” at work and come home feeling totally exhausted and just want to rest. It’s as though we have been battered all day and our defenses have been worn down. Guess what? Your defense has been worn down!

Your aura is your “defense shield” against negativity and when it gets battered, it will get weaker and weaker and you end up with that feeling of being drained. It’s because you have been drained. The negative energy has put holes into your auric field and your positive energy has leaked out, leaving you feeling depleted, tired and maybe a bit negative.

And, when negativity, stress and anxiety start to take hold of you, then it can affect your emotions and health.

That is why we need to learn how to protect ourselves when it comes to our aura. When we do so, then we will feel that the things that bothered us don’t seem to impact as like they used to. Nor, will the negativity of those around us seem to knock us.

It’s time to strengthen and protect your auric field.

Protecting your auric field

There are several ways you can protect your aura and give it that boost when you feel like it has been hit with negative energy. You can meditate, do visualisation and even use crystals to restore your auric field.

Here are several techniques to help you bring your aura back to full strength.

The Light Bubble

Visualise white, purifying light coming down from the Universe and entering through your crown. Feel the light covering you, cleansing any negativity and pouring over you and enclosing you under your feet. Imagine you are completely surrounded by a bubble of white, protective divine light. Feel and sense that bubble.

Chakra Meditation

Because our auric field is intimately connected to, and influenced by, our chakra energy centres, we can ensure that our aura shining at its optimum through regularly checking in on our chakras. If there is an imbalance in the chakras, then it means that your aura is going to be weaker. Daily chakra meditation enable you to strengthen and protect your aura.

Combing away negativity

With this exercise you will comb/sweep away the negativity into the earth where it will go through a process of being transmuted into positive energy. What you do is cup your hands, with your palms facing toward you and, starting slightly above your head, bring your hands down toward your feet in a sweeping motion. Picture any negative energy being swept down into the earth. Do this a few times.

Use Crystals

Crystals have inherent properties and some stones are better for protection than others due to their natural frequencies. So, if you want to use crystals to help you protect and strengthen your aura, here are some that you should consider:


Amber has the ability to bring your physical and subtle bodies into realignment and can release negative energy.

Black Tourmaline

Recognised as an all-round protective stone, Black Tourmaline can push away any negative energies. It is able to change negative energy into positive energy.


Bloodstone has a natural property that enables it to cleanse your aura.


Quartz is an amazing crystal for strengthening and protecting your aura. It can repair any rips in your auric field.


To protect yourself from other people’s negative attitudes and to help you overcome stressful situations, then grab hold of some Fluorite. It can also act as an auric cloak to protect your from any psychic attacks.

To use these stones as a means of helping you guard your aura, you can either wear the crystal as jewellery, or place it in your pocket. Another technique that you can employ is to place the crystal on its corresponding chakra centre and allow the stone to rebalance and restore harmony in your chakras. This will ensure that your aura is re-energised.

Keep your light shining

We all release and absorb energy and every day we are exposed to and affected by energies around us. Some positive, some negative. When we don’t stay vigilant against the onslaught of negativity that is when we feel drained and tired. It is our aura being depleted and we need to bring restoration to our auric field.

There are ways in which we can protect our auric field. By minimising contact with anything negative will ensure that our auras shine brightly and colourfully. Also, practicing the light bubble meditation where you visualise yourself surrounded by a bubble of white, purifying, protective divine white light will help you keep your aura safe and strong. Other techniques involve balancing your chakras and sweeping any negative energy out of your aura.

Some crystals have a natural ability that makes them suited for work with your aura.

As we protect our aura, we will find that we become less stressed and anxious. Also, other people’s attitudes won’t influence us like they have done in the past. You will find that you become more positive and people will say…

“You are shining!”

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