How To Find Your Spirit Animal

In the spirit realm, there are numerous guides willing to help you. Ascended Masters, spirit guides, archangels and angels are all on your side ready to offer you guidance and wisdom. However, there is another member of your spiritual family that is waiting for you: your spirit animal.

But how do you go about finding your spirit animal and why should you bother?

You Are Chosen

You don’t actually find your spirit animal, your spirit animal finds you! This discovery is made when you are usually in an altered state of mind such as daydreaming, in meditation or dreaming. In these times your spirit animal will appear and choose you!

How do you know which particular animal has chosen you? Keep an eye out for unusual encounters with an animal that occurs over a brief period of time. This is an indication that your spirit animal is trying to get your attention!

Pay Attention To Occurrences Around You

To find your spirit animal (by the way, you can have more than one spirit animal) pay close attention to what is happening around you. Here are some ways you can discover your spirit animal:

● When you are out in nature, watch the animals around you and see how they behave.

● Watch for any repeated experiences with a particular animal either in its natural form or through symbolism.

● If an animal suddenly enters your life in an unexpected and surprising way, it could be your spirit animal reaching out to you. Remember, your spirit animal chooses you not the other way around!

● Look for animals appearing in your dreams or in images during your time of meditation.

● If you are reading a book about animals, there may be a certain animal that sticks out for you, as though it is reaching out to you from within the pages of the book. Make a note of which animal or animals seem to stand out.

By being alert to the animals that appear in your life shows that you are open to receiving your spirit animal’s contact. They will come to you.

How To Find Your Spirit Animal Through Meditation Or Dreaming

When you meditate or go to sleep to dream you are reaching an altered state of consciousness. It is through this that the spirit realm can reach out to you. So, when it comes to finding your spirit animal here is how you can do so through either meditation or dreaming.

Finding Your Spirit Animal Through Meditation

When you meditate, allow yourself to become receptive to whatever intuitively appears in your mind’s eye (which is your Third Eye Chakra and is the energy centre that is open to messages from the spirit realm). When an animal appears to you during your meditation, make note of the animal.

Animals Appearing In Your Dreams

At night, when you slip into the land of slumber be aware of any animals that come to you in your dreams. When you are sleeping your conscious mind is in temporary shut down and your subconscious mind is let loose and open to receiving information from the higher realms. Pay particular attention to any recurring dreams in which a certain animal keeps turning up.

Now you have an inkling as to what your spirit animal is, what do you do next?

What Do You Do Once You Have Found Your Spirit Animal?

Once you have discovered what your spirit animal or animals (remember, you can have more than one!) what do you do? It’s pretty simple: Learn as much as you can about that animal!

Read about the animal. Watch videos featuring it or go and observe it in nature. Ask yourself, what would it be like to be that animal? Allow your imagination to run wild!

Also, what are the characteristics of the animal that appeals to you? Why are these traits so attractive to you? How are they reflective of you and your personality? Is there something that you admire in the animal that you wish you could bring into your life, such as courage, peace, a social skill that the animal exhibits.

Your spirit animal reaches out to you to teach and guide you, so allow yourself to learn from it.

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